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Priyanka's Caffeinated Coffee Consumption Chaos!
(A/N: This is a suggestion that I was asked to do by A.K.A.
Late nights were not uncommon in Doctor Maheswaran’s line of work. However, they were still draining, even to someone as dedicated to a profession as her. The operation that she was currently performing on her patient required both hands, so she was unable to wipe the sweat dripping down her forehead. Priya’s tired black pupils gave a quick glance at the quartz clock on the opposite side of the room, the short red arm pointing at the number ‘10’ and the long red arm pointing at the number ‘12’.
“Ugh.” The white-clad physician mentally groaned.
She had been working on this job for hours without even the slightest break for food or to use the restroom, her drive to make sure that her patient is patched up as much as possible forcing her to push through. Well, that and the hypotheti
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The Giant Firestarter
(A/N: This is a request that I was asked to do by A.K.A.
It had been some time since Charlene Roberta “Charlie” McGee and the farmer headed to New York City to tell her story about the Department of Scientific Intelligence (aka "the Shop") to the media. Most people did not believe her at first, but once Charlie showed off her pyrokinetic power the tale quickly grew traction and multiple investigations into the organization were launched. Given the deaths of her parents, Andrew “Andy” McGee and Victoria “Vicky” Tomlinson, at the hands of the Shop, Charlie was placed in an orphanage, where she felt welcome by the people who worked there. She received a large sum of money because of how well her story sold and was able to acquire several luxuries, like a blue leotard (as seen here One day, a scienti
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 5 6
Competitive Spirit
(A/N: This is a request that I was asked to do by A.K.A.
Annabelle Charles was a 17 year old with blonde hair that reached her mid-back and jade irises. She had fair skin and a thin frame. Her clothing consisted of a purple tank-top, blue jean shorts, and red sneakers. The teenager was currently babysitting a girl 10 years her junior: Elizabeth Jackson. Her charge had a mop of red hair complimented by pitch-black irises. The preadolescence's skin was of a dark tan and she possessed a svelte stature. A yellow shirt, orange skirt, and green hair band made up her attire.
Right now, Annabelle lounged on the double-cushioned sofa, flipping through the generic news channels in a vain attempt to stave off boredom. Elizabeth was quietly playing with her doll on the floor in front of Annabelle.
“This gig blows.” Anna thought. “I got to find something to make this interesting.” She looke
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Bulma vs. Android 18! Gassiest Under the Heavens!
(A/N: This is a request that I was asked to do by A.K.A.
Ever since the defeat of Majin Buu, the Earth had experienced a long stretch of peace. However, with no new threats to fight, life soon became very monotonous and boring for the Z-Fighters and their allies, as well as the world at large. Ever since Mr. Satan retired from fighting, the “Strongest Under the Heavens” tournament has tanked in viewership. Various gimmicks were attempted, but none stuck around for long.
Eventually, someone advised that another gimmick could draw in some much needed attention: A burping contest! No doubt, the people who suggested this received many weird looks but the situation was so dire now that they would consider any idea. So, on the date of Age 790, May 7, the first “Gassiest Under the Heavens” tournament on the same island as the old one. Surprisingly, there were many people arriving to p
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 12 5
Suggesting an Original Character
Hello, I've written a concept for an original character that involves belching on my interactive: Belching Girls: Multi-Media (Vore & WG). If you want to add more O.C.s or other chapters over there, then please do so, because any help would be appreciated.
Backstory: As the daughter of industrial moguls Duncan Connor and María Bacch (Named after the Bacchus, the Roman god of Wine), 17-year-old Becky Bacch was born to inherit their Multi-Billion-Dollar Soda-and-Beer company called Popsi-Cola Inc. Through an amalgamation of sharp business savvy and inept competition, the likes of Budweiser and Pepsi were crushed and absorbed into the ever-expanding global empire. Many countries, including the United States of America lowered their drinking age to 16, a change likely brought upon by the sheer influence of the corporation, or secret bribes and an addictive produc
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 4 23
Bulma vs Chi-Chi! A Baby Shower Burping Contest!
(A/N: This is a request that I was asked to do by A.K.A.
Bulma was feeling elated as of late. Following the debacle with Goku Black, she had learned that she was pregnant with a second child. To celebrate, Chi-Chi had come over to the Capsule Corporation for lunch. Bulma’s mom, Panchy, had whipped up a large buffet, assuming that Chi-Chi was bringing along her husband and sons. Nonetheless, the inventor and the Ox-Princess were busy enjoying the spread laid out before them. Bulma was helping herself to a strawberry parfait, licking a dollop of whipped cream that landed on her lips. The glazed strawberry syrup on top of the dessert enhanced the taste of the actual fruit, making her moan in pleasure when she consumed it as well.
Meanwhile, Chi-Chi plucked some dumplings into her mouth. Tangy chicken meat filled the dumplings, and they burst with flavor inside her mouth as she chewed them thoroughl
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 24 13
Charly the Cute Monster
(A/N: The following is a version of three chapters of a story that I've written on as a request that I was asked to do by A.K.A. I have made some minors edits so that it flows better here. Sorry if the ending seems rushed, but I only had 10,000 characters to use on and I wrote these chapters over the span of four days, so I was winded by the end. Anyways, enjoy, and if you want, please give some constructive criticism in the comments section. Also, if you want to check out more of my work on, you can visit my portfolio:
It happened. Charlotte didn't know how particularly, but it happened. Here she was, a 12 year old girl clad in a t-shirt covered by four horizontally alternating ebony and ivory hues going to an audition for some
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 7 12
The Spectacular Spider-man: A Burping Contest
On a Tuesday afternoon, nearing the end of school at Empire State University, two of Peter Parker's friends, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, meet outside and chat.
"Hey, Gwen. What's up." Mary Jane said.
"Nothing much. I'm just walking home. Do you want to come?"
"So, MJ, do you have a soda or something. I'm thirsty." Gwen asked.
"Yeah, I have two Pepsis. Here you go."
"*urp* Excuse me." Gwen burped.
"Weak." Mary Jane said.
"What?" Gwen asked, puzzled.
"Watch this. *BURP*" MJ pressed her hand on her chest and burped louder.
"That was without the soda."
"Gross." Gwen said disgusted.
"I'd like to see you do better." Mary Jane said.
"Fine, try this." Gwen sucked in air, punched her stomach and burped. "*BBBUURRRPPP*"
“You want to play that way?” MJ replied.  She sucked in air and burped louder. “*BBBBBUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP!*”
“Now, we can use soda.” Gwen said as she drank her Pepsi. “*BUUUUUUUURRRREEEEEEEEEEECCCHHHH!*”
:iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 11 10


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Hello, I just wanted to say that I have uploaded my interactive, Belching Girls: Multi-media (Vore & WG), onto Eka's Portal/…

I did this on the off-chance that the old interactive somehow gets taken down and also because chapters on sometimes don't appear to free members like myself and that is very inconvenient for me and other people.

In addition, I want to put more vore aspects into the interactive, so putting it up on a website dedicated to vore was the best logical answer. Also, one can add many more options for chapters on Eka's Portal than on, where one can usually only add between two and five choices.

So, if you want to add to it, then please do so.
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